Talk out loud!

February 9, 2018

Today we spoke about the different ways we can keep our minds and bodies healthy. We also spoke about how we can be kind to ourselves and to others.   Year one one bubble launch. ☺️    

Speak out. Stay safe!

February 9, 2018

A lovely lady from the NSPCC came to talk to us about staying safe and looking after ourselves. The children got to meet Buddy the speech bubble. He taught the children about who to talk to when they are in trouble. ☺️

This morning the children became the guards patrolling Prince Hamlet’s home, Elsinore castle. We walked on the castle walls and listened to the noises that we could hear around us. A few of the children said that they could hear their ‘hearts thumping loudly’ the ‘wind howling throughout the castle’ and the ‘rain hammering against […]

How can we describe Hamlet?

February 5, 2018

We were getting to know Hamlet last week. The children focused on describing Hamlet’s appearance and character by generating adjectives in groups. They’ve produced some amazing writing and have really begun to work well in teams! 🙂

The children did so well at taking numbers away from 10 today. We counted out 10 cubes and then practised taking away some of our cubes to give to our partner. The children worked really hard! 🙂        

The children did an amazing job at getting into role last week! We used our drama for learning to help us understand how Hamlet and Gertrude might be feeling. The children were able to show me the emotions of characters using their acting skills. The children said Hamlet was feeling upset, angry and devastated and […]

The children loved working as a team to work out the properties of plastic! 🙂  

To start our new topic, we have been guessing who all of these objects belong to! We have also been predicting where we might find these objects…   

On our guided tour of a castle this week, we were writing some amazing descriptions. We have been encouraging the children to use adjectives when describing the different parts of a castle. ☺️ 

Warwick castle

January 12, 2018

We had an amazing day exploring Warwick Castle! We got to see the wonderful rooms inside of the castle and explored the castle grounds. We even managed to walk up one of the castles towers and march on the battlements as though we were guards! The children were so brave and behaved beautifully! We now […]